Transkiemoon Clothing and Apparel


Transkiemoon Clothing and Apparel has grown with the assistance of Nkwali Pride Business Solutions. From the beginning the company has received coaching and has grown extremely

The setup starting from business plan has changed and is clear with realistic projections making it easy to understand the company goals and provide a clear direction, clear vision and mission statements are the driving factors.

With the assistance of the company couch we have been able to run a reputable business with a growing client base, the understanding of business management and daily routine in running a business has been made clear and is well documented.

Achievements are as follows:

  1. Clear identification.
  2. Improved management.
  3. Goal oriented running.
  4. Increase of client base.
  5. Good relations with other entities.

As the person running the business I have acquired skills enabling me to be efficient with a changed mind set. I understand that a business needs hard work, not only physically but mental. As an entrepreneur you must be able to identify gaps in your market and address them by providing solutions to your clients.

The most important tool in business is to be the best in your industry making your clients rely on your services and provide them with satisfactory services in the process. Right thinking is needed in the business sector, the better you understand your needs the more solutions you will have in solving any challenges.

The most important thing is to be sure you not having the same problems over and over again. Nkwali Pride Business solutions has put so much in this company, I would highly recommend them due to the following factors:

  • They are capable and have a lot of experience in the business field.
  • They are very detailed in their work, while taking you step by step in achieving your goals.
  • They give you the right information and lead you to the right direction in achieving.
  • Their style of work is suitable even for the first timers in business making you understand the fundamentals of business.
  • When it comes to pricing they have the most affordable prices you can find and are very patient when dealing with their customers, making you the best in your industry.
  • Rating I would give them a 10 over ten due to my experience in working with them.
  • There are no critical areas of improvement as I am satisfied with their services.


Mzomba Zukile.

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