Who We Are
About Us

NkwaliPride Business Solutions is a growth-oriented company that applies holistic approach in solving business and individual challenges. We do individual, executive and group coaching.

Where We Are Going
Our Vision

To be an evolving, trusted, reliable and preferred growth support company to small businesses, learning organisations and success-driven individuals.

What Drives Us
Our Mission

We stimulate entrepreneurial appetite, driven by the the world’s hope/reliance on small businesses to eradicate unemployment.


We affirm and nurture entrepreneurial journey of our clients, driven by the loneliness and stress involved which leads to poor performance and failure.


We help individuals turn their dreams to reality.

Why Choose Us
Achieve More Success
The Answer to
Unemployment Eradication

We stimulate, affirm and nature entrepreneurial appetite through executive coaching and wellness support.

We Bring Quality Services

This branch aims at adding a remarkable value to the growth of businesses at both individual and organisational levels. We believe in maximising the potential in people and organisation’s performance while maintaining harmony between the two.

Experienced & Talented

Nkwali Pride Business Solutions also understands the value of small businesses for the future of South Africa in their efforts to eradicate unemployment hence watching businesses grow and striking balance remain our priority. Achieving the desired future results within the defined time frame and budget is our endevour

Offers 24/7 Quick Support

We pride ourselves on the skill diversity, ambitious nature, open mindedness, vibrancy and excellent customer service of our team.

Case Studies
Brains Behind
Nkwali Pride Business Solutions
Nobuntu Tintelo
Entrepreneur and Up Skiller
Taking into account the country’s history, we are currently faced with high unemployment rate.

Nkwali Pride Business Solutions channels the energy of the youth to the realisation of their dreams through life coaching.

We stimulate, affirm and nurture entrepreneurial appetite through executive coaching and wellness support.

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